Cape Zanpa, Okinawa

Living in Okinawa has opened a lot of doors for our family and we’ve experienced a lot of things we never would have had we not been able to live here for six years. One of my favorite things I never thought I’d actually enjoy is typhoon season. I seriously love typhoons! Mother nature is such a powerful powerful thing and she can really stir up some beautiful waters.

Cape Zanpa is a stunning area of the island. It’s near our apartment and we really enjoy the area and the beach just down the road from the lighthouse. My favorite time to visit the cape is right after a typhoon. The strength of the water, the power of the waves hitting the cliffs and the colors of the sea are just stunning.
 photo Cape Zanpa 2 WM_zpspmbyw9ph.jpg

I really like the black and white version of this photo. The lighthouse and the waves are just lovely in their crisp white with the contrast of the dark cliffs.

 photo Cape Zanpa WM_zpsgmxtpuc0.jpg

 photo Cape Zanpa 5 WM_zpsalx0aw58.jpg

 photo Cape Zanpa 5 BW WM_zps15veu1bp.jpg

As I’ve said, the waves at Zanpa are incredible after a storm. I really wish I had known how to shoot the water and waves better when I was last out there. I love this picture because when you look closely at the rocks you can see people! Crazy insane lucky to not get pulled off the rocks people! However, those people really put the size of these waves into perspective. I like this photo both in color and in black and white.

 photo Cape Zanpa 3 WM_zpsrzmpxnki.jpg

 photo Cape Zanpa 3 BW WM_zpsi0daafec.jpg

I feel as thought I should add a disclaimer somewhere in here: Never mess around with cliffs and powerful waves after a storm. Never. In our time in Okinawa we’ve heard of several deaths due to underestimating the power of water. Zoom lenses are the way to go.


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