Nenneman Boys

I’ve been wanting to put more photos of people on here rather than scenery. So I started thinking about who we’ve spent time with in the past and trying to remember if I used my camera at all when we visited. Then I remembered our awesome time with the Nennemans. They are some of the best people in the world and we are blessed to call them friends (They gave me permission to post these photos). They also have two adorable boys!

K was born right before we had to move to Okinawa. I was in their home when his waters broke and his mama went into labor. It’s a night I’ll never forget! I really like this photo but I really wish my husband wasn’t in the back corner, ha!
 photo Kota WM_zpsm1er82j4.jpg

Maybe if I were to crop it portrait instead of landscape. Things to think about. Yup, I like it better.

 photo Kota 2 WM_zpsty3mrt4o.jpg

This little guy, J, he stole my heart last summer. He’s so snuggly and lovey. I just couldn’t put my camera down around him.

 photo Jace WM_zpsrbdfjnpr.jpg

I adore this photo, drool and all. I think it’s one of my better black and white portrait edits.


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