Sea Glass Beach

Sea Glass Beach is on the northern end of the island near Camp Schwab and Nago. It’s a beach that has a ton of sea glass (hence the name)as well as some really nice sand. It was a windy and slightly chilly day but that didn’t stop my kids from getting completely soaked and having a great time.

The beaches are so beautiful here. This is looking north.

 photo image_zps4uws1iv1.jpeg

and this is looking south.

 photo image_zpsuaftr23x.jpeg

Ethan is the happiest when he’s at the beach. He’s always running, climbing or swimming so it was rare to catch him just sitting and enjoying the water and sand. The only thing that is a little off to me is his left hand position.

 photo image_zpsffekxzbf.jpeg

 photo image_zpsk8xzjnck.jpeg

See? Running.

 photo image_zpsqlds89tv.jpeg

Libby is more of my relax and enjoy the beach kid.

 photo image_zps9gxmuhai.jpeg

 photo image_zps8cweppoz.jpeg

These two photos are my attempts at some artsy fartsy. I really like them.

 photo image_zpspytdwyvy.jpeg

 photo image_zpsbmsakah5.jpeg

And finally, we made a little friend at the end of the day. Meet Hermie the hermit crab. I really REALLY wish I had been able to get the focus on him better.

 photo image_zps7itdqve2.jpeg


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