Spring has Sprung

Every year spring seems to turn itself on overnight here in Okinawa. One night we are all shivering in our beds under three layers of warm blanket and the next we have tossed those blankets to the foot of the bed and consider turning on the air conditioner. March 11th was the Friday spring sprung.

Adam was away for the weekend so the kids and I decided to hop in the car and go adventuring, day-tripping. Our first spring daytrip was to Haneji Damn near Nago, Okinawa.

On the way there is a peculiar bridge. Why is it peculiar? It’s neon pink! I’m one of the coolest bridges I’ve ever encountered.

 photo image_zpsbsuxgxw2.jpeg

I really love this in black and white. There was zero traffic, which was awesome since it allowed me to take this standing in the road.

 photo image_zpswy1daa28.jpeg

 photo image_zps02jguaov.jpeg

This was near our car. Looking back I feel I over edited this with the saturation of the colors.

 photo image_zpsi2yobdgy.jpeg

After we explored that little area we hopped back into the car and continued on to the dam. The kids really enjoyed this area. There weren’t very many people so they were able to run and play pretend. The lake area was gorgeous.

 photo image_zpsogh6ah5j.jpeg

 photo image_zpsses5zexr.jpeg

I’m a sucker for pretty flowers. I think my focus on flowers in general is really improving.

 photo image_zpslaqojeh6.jpeg

There was a fabulous huge set of stairs running down the backside of the dam. I finally got them to take a photo together and naturally the ham had to come out. They are my husbands children after all.

 photo image_zpsf4npzgjj.jpeg

I think this is my favorite shot of the day. Libby was pretending to be Cinderella attending the ball. The stairs were so dreamy to her.

 photo image_zpspjjbgshm.jpeg


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