Fanciful Pants

Come again? Fanciful Pants, aka Fancy, is our cat. She is the compromise that my husband and I made when I one day woke up with a fierce bout of baby fever. Bless my husband for putting up with me some days. Long story short I asked him what he thought about having a third baby and he very calmly and thoughtfully responded “how about a cat?” As you can see my bout of baby fever subsided and we adopted Fancy from the Okinawa American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS).

 photo dea3dcfe2bb8ca5f86d828916afa6dcc_zps3c37ba5f.jpg

She is delightfully lazy and fantastic. 90% of her day is spent sleeping on my husbands side of the bed as she pouts awaiting his return.

 photo 4a547cb8-c33e-4760-bc25-b9ee831d8c00_zps66zasasa.jpg

The other 10% she divies up between eating, sleeping on whatever blanket she can find in the living room and glaring at me if I should interrupt whatever important cat tasks she’s pursuing.

 photo 669a6a27-5032-47c2-83de-089db77f635c_zpsla8kcuqs.jpg

I have never been a cat person, but this feisty little thing has me wrapped around her giant furry feet.

 photo 088231B8-F82D-4126-91DF-855B4FD7CE02_zpshk518ddu.jpg


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