Easter Sunday

Our last Easter in Okinawa. I don’t really even know what to say about it to be completely honest. All of the “lasts” are hitting me much harder than I could have ever expected. I’m going to miss this little island so much. We all woke up a little earlier than usual so that we … More Easter Sunday

My heart happy sighs.

I love the moments I catch my kids being friends and loving each other when they don’t realize I’m watching. It’s so raw and real. And totally ammunition for when they’re fighting like wild cat swearing they loathe each other. These two have stolen my heart. I love being their mom.

Azalea Park, Part 2

In my last post I covered the beautiful azalea flowers. While I was visiting the park I discovered an unexpected bonus. Usually parks have their routes and as a tourist you are to stay on the path. This park actually encourages stepping off the beaten path and wandering through the bushes. I became one with … More Azalea Park, Part 2

Tsutsuji Matsuri – The Azalea Festival”

Tsutsuji Matsuri – The Azalea Festival is a gorgeous festival. The people are wonderful, the vedors and friendly but the really stars are the azaleas. Okinawa has several flower festivals throughout the year depending on season and the azalea festival is one of the more interesting ones. I find it interesting because of the history behind … More Tsutsuji Matsuri – The Azalea Festival”

Cape Zanpa, Okinawa

Living in Okinawa has opened a lot of doors for our family and we’ve experienced a lot of things we never would have had we not been able to live here for six years. One of my favorite things I never thought I’d actually enjoy is typhoon season. I seriously love typhoons! Mother nature is … More Cape Zanpa, Okinawa

Nenneman Boys

I’ve been wanting to put more photos of people on here rather than scenery. So I started thinking about who we’ve spent time with in the past and trying to remember if I used my camera at all when we visited. Then I remembered our awesome time with the Nennemans. They are some of the … More Nenneman Boys


It’s been over 15 years since I’ve done any schooling. That’s quite sobering. I started my photography and small business course through Auburn this week and it’s a weird feeling to be in school again. A good weird, but weird none-the-less. I really love that it’s online and it’s self paced because the amount of … More Lenses

Sea Glass Beach

Sea Glass Beach is on the northern end of the island near Camp Schwab and Nago. It’s a beach that has a ton of sea glass (hence the name)as well as some really nice sand. It was a windy and slightly chilly day but that didn’t stop my kids from getting completely soaked and having … More Sea Glass Beach

Spring has Sprung

Every year spring seems to turn itself on overnight here in Okinawa. One night we are all shivering in our beds under three layers of warm blanket and the next we have tossed those blankets to the foot of the bed and consider turning on the air conditioner. March 11th was the Friday spring sprung. … More Spring has Sprung