Paris is my favorite city in the world. We’ve been twice and each time we fell in love a little bit more and I hope we’re able to go back again and show the city to our children. The people, the food, the history – all fascinating to me. The city itself was shockingly dirty, the metro smelled like rotten eggs in many stations and yet I’d move there if I had the chance.

Eiffel Tower
 photo Eiffel Tower_zpsfrgznbbr.jpg
From the top of the tower.
 photo Paris copy_zpse5tomsuv.jpg

Arc De Triomphe, I really wish I had a better shot because this is one of my favorite monuments in the city. I’m sure I have one somewhere, but I have yet to find it.
 photo Arc copy_zpsvrmgfmkh.jpg

A couple of night shots I like.
 photo Eiffel Night copy_zpsgwvbpf1k.jpg

 photo Arc Night copy_zpszpsboleo.jpg


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