Mt Yaedake Cherry Blossoms, Okinawa 2016

My second trip to see the cherry blossoms was a bit more successful. For this trip I drove to Mt. Yaedake north of Nago, Okinawa. The first thing I saw once I parked was this stunning view.

 photo 3d9ea311-a8c1-4c1b-ab47-a510e1cd648a_zpsu4tafryu.jpg

 photo 18bfc4b5-858a-46a6-a444-04c0e740892e_zpsfeuijalb.jpg

This bell is a prayer bell I believe. I really wish I had picked up more Japanese over the years. The bell had a really lovely ring to it.

 photo 2b126a1c-00d6-48d6-9ab4-7bc853654436_zpsafsssj7e.jpg

The blossoms were gorgeous. I even managed to catch a little wildlife.

 photo DSC04762_zps1zmhms0k.jpg

 photo 540b0a51-077b-4d31-91d8-dc1f14f1c471_zpsxedutfhw.jpg

 photo 1c79e537-eae4-4f20-a6ec-4f44a9aa6cf3_zpsyp50hpic.jpg

 photo ba48b7fc-c350-4c6c-9b5d-2cb6d65513df_zpso7mtfu0t.jpg

 photo a6ab4cc9-aaf4-47aa-8eda-9814f3a104cc_zpshvf4tfm3.jpg

 photo 19f75c8c-7c14-4565-bff2-c54b9a5f6e82_zpskwpziyu7.jpg

 photo c3ade775-55b4-4ce2-bc0c-e2ad16f9a579_zpsxebddc3a.jpg

If you ever have the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms in Japan I highly recommend it.


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