Buchanan Family

Summer 2015 the Buchanan Family, which just happens to be my husbands family, was able to come together for an evening of good food and fellowship. It had been several years since the family had been able to come together so I decided it was time for one large group family photo. Who knows when we will have the chance to do so again with a few of us spread literally around the world. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Take lots of pictures and have family photos taken regularly!

The Buchanan Family

 photo ae3a2976-8a74-4dec-b44d-40ca77fc6ed8_zpsafccbjkr.jpg

Other than my semi-failed family photo shoot for my old neighbors I had never shot anyone other than my own family, let alone a huge group like this. To get ready I spend about an hour figuring out where in the yard to take the photo and a couple of the kids decided to help me test the lighting. I was thrilled when I saw this photo.

 photo a26dd17a-c3dc-4fe4-8882-3ed182a57b59_zpsfntexw12.jpg

 photo 1acf7dad-333e-4aba-a403-50ed74c5fa35_zpsz2dj3v2n.jpg

I’m once again loving the black and white.



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