Photoshop is a tricky thing.

My hope is to become a great photographer. A photographer who uses her camera so well that she doesn’t have to depend on too much editing. Which will be a good thing, because barring a miracle of some sort I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hang of Photoshop! Ok, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been messing around with the program for a few hours now and I’m not nearly as confused as I was when I started. It seriously should come with a “how to” video though.

To play around and get to know Photoshop I pulled some old photos off of Facebook. I’m not starting with great quality so probably not my best idea, but to be completely honest I don’t want to comb through my thousands of photos at this moment.

This was an old windmill that I stumbled up when I was out exploring the countryside of England.

 photo 0d33a46d-1fef-4033-9dc4-3aa948fb21ed_zpslo29zy4b.jpg

I snapped a shot of this boat one evening while taking a walk with my husband in Okinawa.

 photo Boat Edited_zpsosc8huf9.jpg

An oldy but still one of my favorites. I REALLY wish I could go back in time and take this photo properly.

 photo Gondola copy_zpspcrasi68.jpg

I think I like it better with the blurred effect.

 photo Gondola copy 2_zpscfwwm2p5.jpg

Rome, oh Rome I needed more time. Next time I will have more than a few hours and take photos worthy of your city.

 photo Rome copy_zpscvgzpz0x.jpg

All in all I think I’m going to truly like Photoshop. Like everything it will require time and practice.


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