Ethan, my first inspiration.

In May 2008 my world changed and shifted in a marvelous way. My son was born and made me a mom. I took thousands of photos of Ethan over the first few months. I wish that I could go back in time and tell myself to learn how to properly take his picture so I had better quality photos to look back on, but I have what I have. That said I don’t think these are terrible for a point and shoot camera being handled by a complete novice. I should also add that Ethan dealt with jaundice that lingered for quite a long time. He really was as yellow/orange looking as the photos depict.

Minutes after he was born.

 photo D8A20C78-F36E-4DFB-9A23-B5CAAB02D052_zpsx4iwbq5e.jpg

When I decided to set this up I knew I would end up editing each photo. One to make them better and two because I need the practice.

 photo a502c0f4-acdc-446b-8a84-ef0846d8d3b7_zpshih3asdd.jpg

 photo D3D3C961-FEE6-4602-BDF4-5C984C9FC067_zpsghjjvnsh.jpg

 photo 78a8d59c-168d-4577-8fdd-1f9589a21b50_zpsyinnlbci.jpg

 photo 0DDA8224-57F4-4DE8-ACB0-E221827394D1_zpsxukkz4ol.jpg

 photo e63e3ea3-6a3c-4f9b-b50a-103ec6b856b4_zpsghqdlrby.jpg

 photo A91AA0E2-8965-40E3-8E3F-4D49146E6219_zpsmqptxn7z.jpg

 photo f2d98bda-da87-4ee1-8d27-44bdc2d8129f_zpsxkeaxqnx.jpg

 photo 8D3A4F39-E5B5-40EE-8EC6-604049CC79A6_zpsn8lrwdc2.jpg

 photo 06e45fd3-e4ef-4245-b01c-813ba841bd30_zpsytnlt3bk.jpg

 photo EED63098-511E-417D-8889-3A06B33F924C_zpsp7z6wzrh.jpg

 photo 349f92b2-908a-44a8-9fae-2ca16caf7389_zpszmuoihuv.jpg

I have loved this little boy with all my heart from the moment I knew he was on board. I hope that my love comes through loud and clear in his photos.


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